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Class Room

Class RoomsWell furnished, spacious classrooms equipped with the latest teaching aids such as LCD Projector, OHP etc. are available to have a highly interactive session in classroom teaching. All class rooms are well - illuminated, properly - ventilated and with modern sitting.


B.Sc. Nursing subjects are mainly based on practical covered under syllabus and its performance in Hospitals and Laboratories. In view of this, the institute has provided all the required no, of laboratories equipped with modern equipment's and instruments for various subjects of Nursing Courses. These laboratories are designed in such a manner that it provides better working environment and safety. The laboratories provide all the essential apparatus to make student acquainted. The laboratories are developed as per norms of Indian Nursing Council New Delhi and Medical Education Deptt. of M.P. Govt. There are following laboratories available in the college:

  1. Anatomy and Physiology Lab
  2. Maternal & Child Health Lab
  3. Nutrition Lab
  4. Fundamental of Nursing Lab
  5. Pre-clinical Science Lab
  6. Community Health Lab
  7. Computer Lab
  8. Audio-Visual Room
Lab lab lab
Lab lab lab
Lab lab lab


The college has got its own good library. It provides latest and up to date reference and books for all the nursing courses run by KS Nursing College. A large number of national and international journals, periodicals, news papers and magazines are being subscribed. Internet facilities are available to the students. Every year books and journals are added to the library.

The whole library is computerized and has a good collection of video tapes, CD-ROMS and audio cassettes on different subjects make the library unique. National and international standards reference will help to update the knowledge of students and to facilitate research work.

Library Library Library


Highly qualified, efficient and experienced teaching staffs including visiting Professors for various subjects from renowned Institutes are available. An excellent teaching conducted by dedicated faculty which mould out the students in order to prepare them to face the dynamic emergencies of modern times. The faculty of college is deputed to attend International, National, State level workshops, Seminars and Conferences.


Counseling and Career Development

Counseling and career development service provides assistance with students efforts to find a career / Life direction, to develop coping skills, and to gain a better understanding of self, others, and the world. The faculty and staff is ready to help in a self - career exploration that is part of the college experience.

Workshops and programs offered through faculty and staff allow students to explore areas such as self assessment, conflict resolution, stress management, substance use and abuse, career planning and job search streategies. A variety of audio and self - help materials are available full and part time job listings, employer information and a credential file service are available

Medi - Care

Monitoring of health of the students is done on routine basis. Regular check-ups are done to ensure fitness of the students. In case of illness, special Medicare is available through medical experts. Special doctors are available on call. The college is also accomplished with well equipped sick room in college and hostel with ambulance services available round the clock.

Doctor on Call

Regular medical check up will be conducted in the college and in Hostel at regular intervals. In emergency cases services of renowned doctors are available on call.


Two way transportation is available from prominent locations at scheduled hours based on student's demand. Transport facilities for members of faculty, staff and also for visitors are available. College has its own buses for transportation to the college as well as to the PHC's & Community Health Centers for practical purpose.

Sports & Cultural

The college offers various types of sports and extra curricular activities. All the students are encouraged to excel and participate in programmes at the state and national levels. Inter collegiate literary competitions and other extracurricular activities are also encouraged.

Student Nurse Association (SNA)

To make the student become dexterous, the college has its own S.N.A. unit, where the students involve themselves in extracurricular activities. It is mandatory for all the students to be a member of S.N.A.

Elections for S.N.A. are conducted by the faculty and students and appointment of office bearers is done accordingly. The Chairman of Entertainment, Decoration, Sports, Catering, Students Welfare, Discipline, Health, Mess, Purchase and Reception Committee has also been nominated for smooth running of activities. S.N.A. meetings are conducted by the faculty and students for the organizing various programmes of the college.


The hostel facilities is also available with suitable accommodation to the boys and girls separately. The rooms are well furnished to make the stay of inmates for learning community living and facilitating out of class discussions on assignments. The inmates of the hostel get invigorating environment for constant interaction among themselves leading to their personality development. Stimulated by the infrastructure and healthy environment as per norms of I.N.C.

Seminars, Workshop and Visits

Presentations, interactions with elites of different field & disciplines and socialization have its own impact on the shaping and grooming of the future leaders. College is laying importance on this aspect and ensuring that each student is given an opportunity to prepare projects, present papers, writes visit reports etc. Interaction will eminent personalities are also organized to broaden the vision of students. Indirect effect of such interaction's will improve the marketability of own product and better placement

Clinical Training

The students are required to be in the clinical area for six to eight hours every day during the week, according to the course planning. Selected field trips will be arranged to different community agencies as per course plan. The clinical practice is given at well equipped hospitals with all advanced facilities and specialities covering all departments like medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics at 1500 bedded J.A. Group of Hospital, Mental Hospital, Distt. Hospital, Urban Health Center and Rural Health Centers.

Rural health Development

For community health nursing, the college has affiliation with Urban and Rural Public Health Centers. Important tie - ups have been done with various welfare societies and some villages are also adopted by the management of the college. To fulfill the need of medical assistance in acute areas special outdoor visits and camps are arranged by the college. These activities are managed by a Social welfare club made by the students of the college. The services provided by the club to these areas are extremely free of cost.